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Tall, hairy escort poses against a boat in Minnesota wearing a black bikini with her hairy armpits on full display.


Just a Taste

1.5 hours  |    750

2 hours  |  1000


Enough time for a meal or an adventure and whatever else it is that two creative and voracious people come up with when they put their ... minds together.

4 hours  |  1500

6 hours  |  2000


My theory: where there's chemistry, there's never enough time. If you'd like to help me test this theory, you know what to do next...

Up to 15 hours  |  2500

24 hours   |  3500

+ every additional 24 hours  |  1500


If you'd like to make a bid for me and my company, all it takes is a 24 hour date, 25 % deposit, and cover my associated travel costs. It really is that easy.

24 hour minimum + travel

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