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Just a Taste

Sometimes that's all you need. Until you need more...

1.5 hours  |  1000

2 hours  |  1250


Quality Time


Enough time for a meal or an adventure or whatever else  two creative and voracious people come up with when they put their ... minds together. If you need help planning, please ask!

4 hours  |  1500

6 hours  |  2000


A Chemistry Experiment


I have a working theory: when there's chemistry, there's never enough time. Would you like to help me test it?

Up to 15 hours  |  3000

24 hours   |  4000

Every additional 24 hours + 2000

Fly Me To You's

If you'd like to make a bid for me and my company, all it takes is a 24 hour date, 25% deposit + my associated travel costs. It really is that easy.

24 hour minimum + travel cost


If I am being honest (which I always aim to be) - I hate rules. I am a woman who finds her color in the grey areas.

But, in order to establish a container of trust and mutual respect, I do have a couple of non-negotiables:



All new suitors are required to screen. You can either fill out a booking form or send me an email with an introduction and a picture of you holding ID, 2 references within the last 6 months, and/or employment verification. This is for my safety and the safety of my clients.


A 10% non-refundable deposit is required for dates 15 hours+. Dates 15 hours and under do not require deposits.

Your Place or Mine?

When in Minneapolis, I am happy to host you at my discreet and comfortable in-call when I am home in Minneapolis or my hotel room if I am on the road. Otherwise, I am happy to travel to you.



If you must cancel, please do so with as much advanced notice as possible. Tokens of consideration and apology are appreciated, but not required. Just note: I give people 2 chances to show me who they are. Never a third.


More Questions?

Please see my FAQ page for more non-rule rules.

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