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FMTYs and Travelling

So you're interested in a FMTY - They're really not that difficult. But I understand the hestitation. There is...a sense of overwhelm that accompanies all the logistics - What do I bring? Where will we meet? Who checks into the hotel? Are the gifts I packed suitable for her carry-on? Honestly I wilsh more people posed the latter one to themselves, but we digress.

Every companion handles their business differently. I, personally, enjoy navigating the grey area with another person. It can make booking such an excursion more laborious, but - in my professional experience- more unique and special to each person.

If you're looking to fill out a form and put me on a plane, well carry on. I am

My Fine Print


I require a 25% deposit for all FMTYs given I reserve significant time in my schedule for our rendezvous. This can be paid via Cash-app, Venmo or a blank Cashiers Check sent to my mailbox.


If you aren't planing on picking me up from the airport, I ask that you add $50 travel fee to the deposit for ubers to and from the airport


I am easy going on this front. I enjoy sharing a hotel room as long as its big enough for the both of us. That means 1 king bed or 2 queen beds. And am equally happy

If you would like me to book the room for our rendezvous, I will include the rate in my deposit.

*Tried and True


Porzana - Khaluna - Kyatchi - Spoon & Stable - Billy's Sushi


Moskow on the Hill - Ngon Vietnamese Bistro - Petit Leon - Kims - Whiskey Inferno - Jefe Urban Cocina - Hideaway Cabin Bar - Wilde Cafe


Als Breakfast - The D Spot - The Nook - Krung Thep Thai



The W - The Hewing - Nicolette Island Inn - Covington Inn - The Emery - The Rennaissance - The St. Paul Hotel



I do not have a formal cancellation policy. I understand that life throws us chaos and we must dance with it. But don't play me for a for a fool; Cancel once, shame on you. Cancel twice, shame on me. I don't give people three chances to show me who they are.



Monday to Thursday 2pm - 5pm

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