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Tall, hairy escort sits on the lake shore with her long toned legs and barefeet outstretched wearing jean shorts, a shall and gold earrings

At A Glance


 5'10 | Late 20s | 34D | Size 4


Brown-eyed, olive-skinned, hirsute gal who likes to drive fast, kiss slow and doesn't take life too seriously.


DRINKS  |  Espresso, Toasted-Rice Green Tea, Espresso, Mezcal, Merlot, Port

VIDDLES  |   Gluten-Free, Sushi, Mediterranean, Tasting Menus and Eating Experiences (hole in the walls especially)

PAST-TIMES  |  Long walks around the co-op, Trail-running, Skiing, Texas Hold 'Em, Road Trips & planning my next road trip

CARS  |  Anything old and with a bed, really *wink intended*. We're talking Toyota 4Runners (the first generation), Subaru BRATs, Chevy El Caminos, and, of course, the classic Toyota Tacoma (especially the equally-invincible imported, overseas version - the Hilux)

I'd say introductions are in order. I'll start:


Hi - I'm Maeve.



I’m that girl next door. You know, the one that lives according to her own rules, laughs at her own jokes, and answers only to the deepest longings of her spirit.I imagine you, like me, believe the finest things in life are fun. 


I am an adventurous, vivacious, “get to know you slowly” type of girl who feels most alive when heading out on a spontaneous road trip in one of my pickup trucks, meeting new people, and sharing what I like to call "time well spent" with my sweet regulars.


Homegrown here in the Midwest; I am as powerful as I am pretty. Long and lean, my 5’10 frame is shaped by the things I love to do: running through wooded trails & long bike rides around the lakes. My soft lips purse around long vowels and conversations about the weather. When my coquettish jokes don’t tickle you, my bush surely will ...
But those that meet me know different than to think a warm exterior is all I offer. Patrons have more than once fallen into my deep brown eyes, trying to understand what they say where words cannot express. Lighthearted, but I am not a match for the fainthearted... I connect best with old souls, deep thinkers, and people who seek something they can't quite put their finger on. I love to revel in clairvoyant conversations over cocktails and philosophize over the pillow.

I've lived many lives and fallen down many rabbit holes. I’m sure you have, too. Let's exchange stories of where we've been, what we've learned along the way, and what's next. Until then,

xo Maeve

Escort in a green slip just above the water. The ripples form around her tall and hairy figure.

Upcoming Tours

Los Angeles  |  December 16 - 17th

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