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I'd say introductions are in order.

I'll start:


 5'10 | Late 20s | 34D | Size 4


Brown-eyed, olive-skinned, hirsute gal who likes to drive fast, kiss slow and doesn't take life too seriously.


DRINKS  |  Decaf Espresso, Toasted-Rice Green Tea, Mezcal, Orange Wine or a Dry Red.

VIDDLES  |   Gluten-Freed-o, Sushi, Steak, Mediterranean, Local Watering Holes, Tasting Menus and Eating Experiences.

PAST-TIMES  |  You mean when I am not posing on the beach half-naked? Trail-running, Downhill Skiing, Beach Volleyball, Texas Hold 'Em, Taking a road trips & planning the next one.

CARS  |  Anything old and with a bed, really *wink intended*. We're talking Toyota 4Runners (the first generation), Subaru BRATs, Chevy El Caminos, and, of course, my ATF, the Toyota Tacoma.

Hi - I'm Maeve.

I’m that late-20s something girl next door. You know, the free-spirited one who laughs at her own jokes, and lives according to her own rules.

I imagine you, like me, believe the finest things in life are fun. And, quality time is one of the greatest luxuries available to us.

I feel most alive heading out on a spontaneous road trip in my old time pickup trucks, catching a basketball game, or sharing what I like to call "time well spent" with my sweet regulars.

Behind the blur, I have sharp features, curious brown eyes, and dimples as deep as the potholes in March. My soft lips purse around long vowels and conversations about the weather. And if my coquettish jokes don’t tickle you, my bush surely will ...


I'm an all-natural woman. A diamond in the rough. Salt-of-the-earth.

Hairy where it counts, and where it doesn't. My skin is soft, but dotted with scars of clumsy passion. I'm your classic Minnesotan mistress. Flannel, lakes, and long-walks around the lake. As powerful as I am pretty: My 5’10 frame is shaped by the things I love to do: trail running, beach volleyball, and sushi.


If I'm in the drivers seat - I'm taking us to the local watering hole. Somewhere with dim lighting and booths for two. Settling into each other and the moment. Above the table, sharing stories of our wayward youth's, lessons learned, and knowing glances. Under the table, our hands just getting to know each other. Maybe we'll make plans to see a show or a game. But we save our hopes of encore for what's to come...

But I'm just as happy to be your passenger or plus one for an afternoon dalliance, a weekend away, or even take out and a movie on the couch. I am down for almost any adventure. Just let me know what type of shoes I should pack!

Lighthearted, but I am not a companion for the fainthearted... I connect best with old souls, deep-thinkers, and risk-takers. People who ask big questions and aren't afraid to venture off-the-beaten path to seek the answers. I assume that's how you ended up here.

Of all the lives I've lived and rabbit holes I've fallen down, this *gestures around* is one of my favorites. I love being a girlfriend. Really, I do. And I'm damn good at it. Or so I've been told.


In my opnionothing quite compares to an adventure of the heart.



I see clients of all ages, races, sizes, religions, nationalities, etc. I discriminate based solely on one's ability and willingness to fill out my booking form in full.

"I don't think anyone is ever ready. But when someone makes you feel alive again its worth the risk."

Nikki Rowe

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